استخدام DataOps Support Engineer(Remote)

امکان دورکاری

فرصت شغلی
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Salary: 25.000.000-50.000.000 Toman

What you’ll bring/do

Did you read Our Core Values? No, you didn’t. Go read it now and then come back, so we can talk more. That short list of values is the most important measure for us.

We’ll wait here for you. Thanks.

❤️ Our core values are the collective beliefs of chefs and guide our day-to-day decisions, The most important defining component of our unique culture. We hire and promote chefs mostly based on these values.

Current Core Values (v2)

  • Team over individuals and ego.

    As a team, we are unstoppable. No one is bigger than the team. No one is smarter than our collective smartness.

  • Act like an owner and be a self-starter.

    Act like an owner if you want to be seen as an owner. Take initiative and be the change you seek. If it's a good idea, go ahead and do it. It is much better to apologize than it is to get permission. Be persistent in making things around you better. We face many challenges, and that is exciting! Being a relentless problem solver and persistent in looking for and fixing problems every day is a key habit.

  • Tangible and timely output comes first.

    Without measurable and timely results, we don’t exist. Jumpstart non-scalable; then think in scale. Being a fast mover, you'll jump to many non-scalable tasks in each project's early days, and that is fine. However, at your first convenience, prepare for the future: Document or automate critical parts so you won't need to repeat yourself. Document and test both the code and your assumptions in the early days.

  • Design for learning quickly, and be generous in sharing.

    Your most important skill is how effectively and efficiently you can learn new skills so you'll have enough time for new experiments and mistakes!

    💡 Boyd's law of iteration: Speed of iteration beats the quality of iteration.

    Also be the first mover to teach your team, others at DataChef, and people outside.

  • Be resourceful. Be the hope and stay positive.

    Begin with the world of possibilities. Offer options, and not blockers. Bring hope and not negativity. Always use the most charitable interpretation.

Ah, good. You’re back. Were you nodding emphatically while reading Our Core Values, as if you write those? Fantastic! Let’s talk about specific qualifications then:

🕵🏻 Relentless Root-cause Analysis

Do you like puzzles and solving problems? Great! Your primary responsibility is clarifying and resolving production issues of the data platform built by our team. You will be gathering clues by asking "Why?" meticulously so that you can identify and fix the root cause.

🗣️ Effective Communications

You’ll be at the first layer of receiving reported issues through various contact channels (Jira, Teams/Slack, email, and meetings). You’ll keep the project stakeholders in the loop with accurate and correct info, ensuring they're confident that issues are handled with care and skill. Your good command of speaking and writing in English is crucial for this role.

🤹🏼‍♀️ Ticket/Incident Management

Staying on top of your tickets is the name of the game. You must identify, simplify, and triage the reported tickets/incidents to the right channel. Your reactions can vary from disqualification of a ticket to hotfixing it yourself or escalating it to the data engineers in the team. We're talking crystal-clear updates on status and progress so stakeholders can get the lowdown at a glance – saving you from a barrage of update calls. You always stay alert, focused, calm, and collected, even when dealing with P1 incidents.

📄 Multiply Yourself by Sharing

Your love for clear and concise documentation will shine here too. You'll write and record yourself a lot! This includes (but is not limited to) updating in a Git repository, using meaningful commit messages, keeping changelog wiki pages up to date, elaborating context on Jira issues, drafting release logs and one-pagers, and publishing a postmortem after a major incident.



  • What you’ll be working with

🐍 Python

Given that our platform and pipelines are built with Python, you'll need a solid understanding and be hands-on with Python to navigate and contribute to our codebase with confidence.


Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work with SQL and especially Athena to sift through data like a pro. If you’re a pro with SQL on a Database engine, you’ll have a good time in this role!

📦 Git

Got a knack for Git? Great, Git isn't just a tool, it's a way of communication. Branching, pulling, merging, rebasing, cherry-picking – these should be your second nature to communicate with other engineers.

♾️ CI/CD

Every deployment dances to the rhythm of CI/CD. You'll play a crucial role in this seamless choreography of continuous integration and deployment.

We’d love you to have (extra/nice to have)

👨🏼‍🍳 These are not the topics that we’ll interview about but having knowledge and experience about them will 10x your chance of being selected by DataChef.

🚀 Spark

Knowing your way around PySpark**,** even just the basics, is another feather in your cap. It'll help you troubleshoot and contribute to the project more effectively. We’ll also teach you about this.

👁️ Grafana and Cloudwatch

A little know-how in Grafana and Cloudwatch would also be a real asset. While we don't expect you to have extensive experience with these tools, a beginner-level understanding of Monitoring, observability, and finding your way through logs and metrics, will help you stay one step ahead in spotting and addressing issues.

🪢 Kafka

If you have a basic understanding of Kafka, that's a big plus! If you’re able to check if producers and consumers are doing their thing correctly by looking at key metrics like offset and consumer log, that is already very nice.


  • Remote working
  • 100% of Hardware & Software
  • MacBook Pro
  • Access to exclusive video and workshop training
  • Highest speed internet
  • Holiday & birthday gift
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly Massage Subscription
  • Annual bonus