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We are looking for a PHP Developer who is competent in Laravel version 9+ and has the following expertise and experiences:

- Full competency in OOP, SOLID and Design Patterns and clean code
- Full competency in Restful API development
- Full competency in TDD
- Strong knowledge of RDBMS(MySQL, Postgres)
- Familiarity with NoSQL(MongoDB)
- Familiar with Caching technologies
- Familiar with microservice development
- Familiar with Docker and containerization technologies
- Familiar with Git and Git flow
- Familiarity with message brokers and queuing systems is a plus
- Familiarity with Linux

Soft Skills:

- Capable of analyzing complex problems and providing suitable solutions
- Time management
- Team player
- Well organized

What we offer:
- Social Security insurance
- Occasional gifts and offers
- Play room
- No delays in payments

Working Hours: Saturday to Tuesday ۱۸:۰۰-۹:۰۰ and Wednesday ۱۷:۰۰-۹:۰۰
Address: Khorramshahr St., North Sohrevardi St., Tehran, Iran


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