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What you’ll do

The followings are examples of what you may spend time on and the expectations:

  • A typical day is spent working on planned projects, such as the ones mentioned below, but also on ad-hoc requests from other Chefs, such as adding records on DNS or setting up new joiners’ accounts.
  • Work on our for importing LinkedIn profiles and company profiles into our CRM on Notion. (typical example project)
  • We want to send templated mass emails to our contact lists on New years eve. (typical example project)
  • We want to leverage /Slapdash(to be retired soon) to automate tasks. (typical example project)
  • Development of a connecting to to automate vacation requests. (typical example project)
  • Saving/storing email interactions on our CRM. We’ve built it, but want to expand it further. (typical example project)
  • Develop an iOS app in 3 days to Scan conference badges, extract texts, and enrich the data using ChatGPT. (typical example project)
  • Internal IT‌ tasks such as setting up tools and users for new joiners or taking care of our AWS accounts.
  • Create a Lambda function on AWS to act as a backend of an Automation code
  • Search for possible solutions for a requirement, shortlist them, compare, test, pick, and present the result.
  • Following up on the errors (and logs)
  • Document in our Long Term memory! Notion!

Working hours

  • We are mainly based on CET Timezone. The role requires >4 hours overlap with CET, Monday to Friday.
  • 40 hours a week is our full time,
  • Students’ courses and exams are understandable. However, it needs to be communicated well ahead of time. i.e., pre-set calendars when you are unavailable and fulfill your duties and hours.
  • No other job, or side-projects, .. Please!
  • Your flexibility does not have a cap as long as:
    • You are meeting your deadlines
    • You are delivering what you promised
    • You are responding
    • You are communicating clearly and in a timely manner
  • Consider having catch-up meetings in the early mornings ( ۷:۰۰ AM to ۹:۰۰ AM IRST) or late nights ( ۸:۰۰ PM to ۱۱:۰۰ PM IRST) more or Less twice a week.


  1. What you’ll bring

Did you read Our Core Values? No, you didn’t. Go read it now and then come back, so we can talk more. That short list of values is the most important measure for us.

We’ll wait here for you. Thanks.

❤️ Our core values are the collective beliefs of chefs and guide our day-to-day decisions, The most important defining component of our unique culture. We hire and promote chefs mostly based on these values.

Current Core Values (v2)

  • Team over individuals and ego.

    As a team, we are unstoppable. No one is bigger than the team. No one is smarter than our collective smartness.

  • Act like an owner and be a self-starter.

    Act like an owner if you want to be seen as an owner. Take initiative and be the change you seek. If it's a good idea, go ahead and do it. It is much better to apologize than it is to get permission. Be persistent in making things around you better. We face many challenges, and that is exciting! Being a relentless problem solver and persistent in looking for and fixing problems every day is a key habit.

  • Tangible and timely output comes first.

    Without measurable and timely results, we don’t exist. Jumpstart non-scalable; then think in scale. Being a fast mover, you'll jump to many non-scalable tasks in each project's early days, and that is fine. However, at your first convenience, prepare for the future: Document or automate critical parts so you won't need to repeat yourself. Document and test both the code and your assumptions in the early days.

  • Design for learning quickly, and be generous in sharing.

    Your most important skill is how effectively and efficiently you can learn new skills so you'll have enough time for new experiments and mistakes!

    💡 Boyd's law of iteration: Speed of iteration beats the quality of iteration.

    Also be the first mover to teach your team, others at DataChef, and people outside.

  • Be resourceful. Be the hope and stay positive.

    Begin with the world of possibilities. Offer options, and not blockers. Bring hope and not negativity. Always use the most charitable interpretation.


Ah, good. You’re back. Were you nodding emphatically while reading Our Core Values, as if you write those? Fantastic! Let’s talk about specific qualifications then:

  • You have graduated from college with a CS (Computer Science) degree or an equivalent major.
  • You have a good track of academic record, at least in the following courses:
    • Algorithm and Data Structure course (Grade 17+)
    • Advanced Programming course (grade 17+)
    • Computer Networks course (Grade 17+)
    • Database course (Grade 17+)
  • You feel comfortable using Linux CLI.
  • You are using Git‌ for your projects.
  • You feel confident writing scripts for automating the work. Piping () and redirecting (, , , …) are what you enjoy. Bash, grep, AWK, wc, are your friends.
  • You have a good understanding of Regex
  • You can confidently write Python codes
  • You have a good understanding of Relational Database
  • You consider yourself a good troubleshooter!
  • You enjoy explaining, writing, presenting, communicating
  • You haven’t built an iOS app ever! However, you can develop your first simple working app that within a day or 2 (assuming you have an Apple Developer account)
  • Good Understanding of Logging, writing Change logs
  • We expect you to be able to communicate in English.

We’d love you to have (extra nice)

  • ☁️You have experience with AWS (a big plus!)
  • If the machine you are working on a daily basis is Linux, it could be a plus!
  • You have a noticeable GitHub account! (share with us!)
  • You have hands-on setting up a CI/CD (tell us the story)
  • 🍏You have created a handful of iOS Shortcuts to ease your life
  • 🍎Being a macOS power user
  • 🧑‍💻You have read the first few chapters of Mastering Regular Expressions deeply!
  • ⌨️You enjoy working with Vim! (this does not Mean working with Vim‌ is a requirement; however, we would love to hear if you are such a user)
  • 📝You are an active user of Notion and use it in your personal or professional life.
  • You have developed a Chrome extension or Firefox extension! (let us know what it was)
  • You have worked with Zapier and know what it does
  • Experience using DataDog



  • Visa Sponsorship (optional)
  • Remote working
  • 100% of Hardware & Software
  • MacBook Pro
  • Access to exclusive video and workshop training
  • Highest speed internet
  • Holiday & birthday gift
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly Massage Subscription
  • Annual bonus